Pazo da Cruz

The pazo comes from those old work groups in the field. The date of its origin is not known, but of its first main building and the high walls that formed the corral to protect the livestock of the wolves, have being developed the buildings of the guardeses (caseiros), the stables, oven and the press and other where the rents of the partnerships were picked up, leases of properties, sales of crops, fruits and livestock, etc. and where is also the chapel dedicated to San Rodrigo.

Thus, we now have an organized set around a courtyard that form the three buildings and the wall of the east heading the Camino Real by where one of its gates opens, which has a arc in stone topped by a beautiful Byzantine cross, where it takes its current name.

The estate of over 85,000 m2 borders the north by the Baxoi River, to the south with the access road CP-906, to the east with the old Camino Real and the west with other farms.