Pazo da Cruz

The Pazo de is located in the Lugar of Viaxe, in the quiet, leafy DOROÑA VALLEY, of the municipality of Vilarmaior, county of north Betanzos, in the province of A Coruña.

A few kilometers away is one of the XACOBEAS ROUTES, the "ENGLISH PATH", with a journey of 118 km from Ferrol.


The good location of the Pazo allows customers to make and enjoy multiple OPTIONS OF TOURISM in a fast and comfortable way.

* Stroll around the beautiful landscapes of the Natural Park das FRAGAS DO EUME

* Go over towns of interest because of its medieval quarter as BETANZOS and PONTEDEUME

* visit the cities of LA CORUÑA and FERROL that are 25 minutes away by car and SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA to 45 minutes

* perform a ROUTE by the MONASTERIES of Monfero, Caaveiro and de Breamo

* Go over the Galician Rías Altas, passing by CEDEIRA, VALDOVIÑO, ESTACA DE BARES and the main place of Galcian pilgrimage of SAN ANDRÉS DE TEIXIDO that as people say "va de morto quen no foi de vivo"

* Discover the coastal towns of MUGARDOS Y REDES

* Practices water sports or simply go to the beach, highlighting the beauty of PLAYA DE LAS CATEDRALES


Rutas y lugares

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La Coruña

As Fragas do Eume



Santiago de Compostela

Camino de Santiago Ingles

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